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Renting Offices: Why it's the superior choice

Finding an office space that is perfect for your needs can be challenging. You’ll want to leave room to grow, but you also don’t want loads of unused workstations or office space – after all, you’re paying for it. However, before you begin looking for office space, you must decide whether you want to rent the space or to purchase it. Both come with their pros and cons, but for most businesses renting an office space is the superior choice for many reasons.

Flexibility is of outmost importance in this modern day and age. With the pandemic that has impacted our economy negatively most businesses are not certain whether they will have the means and the opportunity to grow, invest or survive the month, let alone a year.

Myths around serviced offices, might make people weary of switching. But serviced offices give companies the ability to expand when its necessary, scale back down when it isn’t, and rely on a lean philosophy to build up capital. For businesses who have experienced a boom in the last few months, serviced office spaces have provided them with the opportunity to rapidly rent the space needed to put their growing number of hires to work without lengthy lease contracts and risky investments in commercial properties they may not be able to make much use of.

As a business owner who either owns commercial property or is renting an office block, surveying your monthly expenditure on mortgage/rent, utilities and ever escalating taxes, security, internet services and all these expenses you cumulate while making your office a functional working space can push up your monthly operating costs which takes away from valuable company resources- cashflow.

What makes a Serviced Office special?

A serviced office is an office that is fully equipped and ready to be used, it is also referred to as a managed office which is generally able to offer more flexible rental terms, as opposed to a conventional leased office which may require furnishing, equipment, more restrictive and long-term leases. There are so many benefits!

Serviced offices are normally flexible, allowing for additional space to be allocated at short notice, should the size of an individuals’ business change. Serviced offices often allow tenants to share reception services, business machines, internet services and other resources, providing reduced costs and access to equipment that may otherwise be unaffordable which can help a business maintain their overhead costs and this helps them in securing more capital for other business investments while still able to afford a comfortable and well- equipped office space.

The beauty in renting serviced office space as opposed to buying is that affordable serviced spaces cater for small, medium, and large companies which allows companies to reach for the stars without investing valuable company capital while they still have the option to scale back up or down on short -term notice (perfect if you're experiencing a cash flow crisis).

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What Do We Offer?

At Infinity Offices we offer two rental packages, namely exclusive offices, and our virtual rental option. These rental options amongst many benefits come with furnished and well-equipped offices, excellent reception services, water and electricity back-up, ample safe and secure parking, an address in a prime location, meeting rooms and a beautiful roof-top restaurant where you can entertain your clients.

At Infinity Offices, we pride ourselves in offering a professional working environment and the best possible workspace solutions and benefits that a business would need to operate their day-to-day businesses which gives you the room to focus on what matters the most, GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

Infinity offices also offers flexibility on the lease terms that start from as short as 3 months, so this means your business will not be tied up in long lease terms you can’t get out of when your business needs to either scale down or free up some capital. Owning an office space is tremendously expensive, restricting your ability to invest capital into better tools and opportunities for the company.

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Moreover, being surrounded by like-minded professionals in a space that caters specifically for people trying their hardest to get things done and make sacrifices for their dreams can drastically improve your productivity.

Vibrant and Dynamic Work Environment

The atmosphere at Infinity Offices is a much more dynamic and engaging because different companies in various industries come together to grow their businesses creating networking opportunities and engage in conversations that would give your company an opportunity to create business leads.

A vibrant and dynamic work environment is also good for employees and the quality of work produced by the organization becomes better because the environment at Infinity offices promotes and encourages productivity as we take care of the nitty-gritties your business needs to run, from reception services to professional cleaning services.

The offices are tranquil creating a good and professional working environment and this allows you and your colleagues to focus on what really matters and that is growing your business. Get ready to prepare for renting an office space!

In conclusion, renting serviced offices has gained popularity and has become the superior choice for many companies, as we are facing a lot of uncertainties in our ever-fluctuating economy. So why buy or rent a conventional office when your business can thrive in a serviced office? Renting a serviced office like at Infinity Offices gives you the peace of mind of managing your monthly costs because you can plan ahead as budgets are better managed and certain, there are no surprises costs at the end of the month while Infinity Offices worry about your business peripherals and worry about growing your business.