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How To Prepare Before Renting An Office Space

There is so much to consider when you’re leasing a commercial space for the first time. The process can be complicated, and numerous factors could impact your final decision. But no worries, Infinity Serviced Offices is here to ease your decision making. Read our full article about how to prepare before renting an office space.

Renting a new office is very exciting however it requires a lot of effort and preplanning thus making it a very daunting task. Today we will be going through a checklist of things you should consider to be adequately prepared before renting a place. If you want to be even better prepared, you can also check out our blog post on tips for renting an office space.

1. Furnished vs unfurnished 

Furnishing an office is one of the most expensive things when moving into a new office space, the costs of desks, chairs, filing cabinets, tables and other office furniture all quickly add up. If you can't afford to furnish your office there are options to rent already fully furnished offices, however you might not like the design look and feel of your office space. 

2. Consider the size of your company 

The size of your company will play a huge role in determining the size of the office you should rent. For example if you're a big corporate business you might need a huge office with multiple floors, however if you’re a solopreneur a small office will do just fine. It's a rule of thumb that every employee should have around 21 square metres of office space. To find out more about what sized office would suit your company contact us.  

3. Location 

Location is a very important factor when choosing the perfect office space. The location of your office as well as its accessibility will sometimes determine the level of success your business will experience. Example parking, something as simple as parking plays a huge role in the punctuality and efficiency of your employees. In a lot of major cities due to the location of the office parking is often hard to find and thus can cause employees to show up late.

4. Internet connectivity 

 In today's day and age, not having a strong internet connection is detrimental to your company as communication is the key to success. When choosing your office space you need to make sure you choose somewhere with a strong internet connection

5. Price 

The price of the place is also extremely important as it will have an impact on your net income. Choosing the perfect price can be hard as if you find somewhere cheap you might get a bad work environment, with bad location however if you spend more your business could be overspending in rent every month. 

Whether you're debating between an home office or serviced office or looking to move to a new location, preparation is key. Hopefully with these key points to think about you will be more prepared in your journey to find your perfect office. For more information on what we offer, check out our office space solutions.