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The Top 5 Myths That Come With Serviced Offices

Infinity Offices have written about the signs that you’re ready to move into an office in the past, and also looked at what a serviced office is likely to cost, but we feel it’s only fair to debunk some myths that people might have of renting a serviced office in order to make it easier for you to reach an informed decision.

There will always be pros and cons when it comes to serviced office spaces, however many of the arguments against them are completely untrue. Luckily for you, Infinity Serviced Offices here to debunk 5 of the most common myths (and share some of the benefits).

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1. They’re far too expensive

Serviced offices can actually be an extremely affordable alternative to a traditional office set-up. Initial rental costs may seem higher, but lease agreements are not as long as traditional office rental agreements, and you normally have a lot of additional benefits, including utilities, furniture, office equipment and broadband. This is just one of the reasons why renting serviced offices is the superior choice.

2. You can’t alter the interior design

A lot of serviced office providers will actually let you decorate, as long as you promise to return it to its original state. If your serviced office provider would rather you didn’t paint, you can always add your own decoration with pictures and plants.

3. They only suit small start-ups

Serviced offices are great for all business types, and can often accommodate companies of varying sizes through different-sized office spaces. They are especially useful for larger businesses looking to start operating in a new location. In fact, we even offer virtual offices.

4. Internet quality is poor

High-speed fibre optic broadband is available at Infinity Serviced Offices, which means that your business will always be online. But internet speed does completely depend on the location and the office provider and all serviced office space providers should guarantee fibre optic broadband for their clients.

5. Access is limited

All good quality will allow access to the office space for a normal working day, however many will also allow you to work 24/7. This is great for businesses that don’t tend to conform to traditional working hours, or for individual workers who prefer to get things done in a quieter space.

Infinity Serviced Offices caters to fit our clients’ needs, in all departments! Contact Infinity Serviced Offices to find out more about our rental office plans.