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15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Serviced Offices

There are many undeniable benefits associated with renting a serviced office. Convenience, flexibility and professional-looking workspace. Get access to all this and more when you sign up for a serviced office!

What is a Serviced Office? 

A serviced office provides your business with an opportunity like no other. Serviced offices are fully furnished and come with ready-to-use equipment and facilities, like printers and fibre internet, that can help get business underway faster and make your job much easier. 

Serviced offices are available in many different sizes too.  Depending on your building operator, you may be offered anything from a single serviced office to an entire floor, comprised of such offices.

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Key Benefits to Serviced Offices: 

  1. Loadshedding: Times are gloomy here in South Africa, with the electricity being shut off almost every other day - it definitely puts a damper on productivity! At Infinity Serviced offices, you’ll always be kept in the loop with our generators.
  2. Cost-effective: Your business will only have to pay for the space it needs and will gain direct access to a number of privileges, like top-notch office equipment, without having to buy them from scratch.
  3. No downtime when moving in: Serviced offices are quick and accessible. You don’t have to worry about finding a place and paying rent while you wait for it to be furnished and filled with equipment. Instead, you can sign the deal one day and start working there the very next morning. It’s that simple!
  4. Facilities: These offices come with a handy bunch of useful facilities, including a kitchen, lunch area, cleaning service and a fully staffed reception. Some buildings also offer additional pay-as-you-go services that you can access for a clearly indicated price. Apart from those, there are no hidden costs and your staff will be provided with everything they need to successfully make it through the day.
  5. Access to new markets: You can rent a serviced office anywhere in the world to help you branch out into the local market with low risk. You won’t need to buy or rent a massive office space, furnish it, pay for equipment or make arrangements for Wi-Fi and cable. Alternatively, you can simply call up a reliable serviced office in the area, book a space for your staff and have them move in the very next day for as long as your business needs! 
  6. A chance to network: Buildings that contain serviced offices typically have many other businesses based within them, too. This allows business leaders to cross paths every now and then, opening up an all-new gateway to networking!
  7. Not bound by time: One of the best things about using a serviced office is the lack of commitment it demands. You can choose to rent the workspace for as long as you like, whether that means a month, a year or more! 
  8. Cleaning staff: With COVID-19 making a major impact on small businesses, cleaning has become a much more important need both for safety and productivity. Your new office space comes with a maintenance guarantee. Signing a lease deal brings you more than just a set of new desks where your staff can work. You’ll also be receiving a group of people who will keep your space clean. 
  9. Maximized productivity: Now that you know your building operator will be handling the cleaning, furnishing and background work, you and your staff can spend all your time working hard at that new project you’re blazing ahead on!
  10. Fibre internet: Internet problems are one of the most testing things to deal with. Luckily, your operator will handle it. All you have to do is report the complaint to the building’s managing operator and watch as the problem seemingly resolves itself.
  11. Professional look: Serviced offices are designed to radiate professional power. So, next time a client walks in, you can wow them with how well set-up the place looks.
  12. Prime location: Buying an office in a prime location can cost a fortune…so why not rent one instead? One of the biggest benefits of serviced offices spaces is they can be found at the heart of the city, allowing you to work from a prime location, which has a set of undeniable benefits. These include proximity to high-profile businesses, added brand visibility, access to transportation hubs and more.
  13. Talented staff: The kind of talent you find heavily depends upon where your office is located. Setting up your business in a prime location will allow you access to a large pool of highly skilled individuals in search of a job.
  14. Creative opportunities: Just like working spaces, you might be allowed to somewhat customize your workspace. You can add a banner, for example, to advertise your company’s name within your serviced office – letting everyone know that your business is based there.
  15. Receptionist: Most serviced offices come with a receptionist who can direct important calls your way. They can also serve as the front line for visitors and deliveries, which then streamline operations.

Who Uses Serviced Offices

Typically, serviced offices are used by a range of businesses, including new start-ups, professionals or anyone who wants to take advantage of their flexibility and convenience. Serviced offices are especially popular with new companies, as they may find it challenging to pay for furniture, a receptionist, kitchen utilities and all the other elements that go into building usable office space. So, to save up on running costs, they may choose to form a temporary bond with a serviced office that can cater to their needs for a finite amount of time. 

Start-ups also run a higher risk of shutting down, which is why many of them are not willing to invest in a formal office space too soon after commencing their business. Instead, they may turn to a serviced office to provide them with what they need.  

Temporary pop-ups may also prefer to use a serviced office instead of renting out an unfurnished space. This includes businesses that are looking to branch out into new areas and hire staff there, usually only for a short time. Serviced offices allow them a chance to put down roots in a new area without placing the weight of permanent commitment on their shoulders. 

Amenities in Serviced Offices

  • Fully furnished space: Serviced offices are always completely furnished and ready for use right away. 
  • High-end security: Our offices are equipped with biometric security systems to allow you access into the buildings with security guards to ensure your safety. 
  • Back-up generators and back-up water: Never worry about loadshedding or water access during work hours again. Our back-up generators and water systems are always on standby.
  • Fail-over Internet: We minimize fibre downtime by having two fibre service providers. This will ensure you are always connected to the web.
  • Restaurant & Catering: Our in-house restaurant, The Roof, offers sit down and takeaway options. Get your food delivered to your office. 
  • Communal Kitchen Area: Prep your lunch, cook a feast or simply make your mid-morning smoothie with our state of the art communal kitchen.
  • Free Teas & Coffees: Enjoy free teas & coffees from communal self-service areas.
  • Professional Reception Services: Your office space likely won’t be granted an independent reception; but, in most cases, you will find one that’s fully staffed and equipped, ready to take calls on your behalf at the base of the building. However, your business won’t be able to treat this reception as 1000% its own and will be sharing it with other businesses present within the building.

As you can see, there are many undeniable benefits associated with renting a serviced office. Convenience, flexibility and professional-looking workspace. Get access to all this and more when you sign up for a serviced office!

Source: Drop Desk